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Just how safe are NYC bike lanes?

This week marks the beginning of a new decade; one in which we will continue to see a shift in how people commute especially due to the growing popularity of bike sharing, e-bikes and navigational services. While cities across the United States - with New York City leading the charge - have taken major steps and initiatives to promote cycling, there are yet many challenges that riders still have to face.

With a growing number of cyclists and the expanding network of bike lanes over the past several years, a recent study from Hunter College looked into the effect this change has had on both the composition of cyclists and their riding behavior.


The study found that New York City’s bicycle lanes are packed with obstructions with an average of 7.5 obstructions per 10 city blocks.

The top 3 obstructions were pedestrians, vehicles and constructions respectively and while pedestrians and vehicles were the top 2 leading types of obstructions the study highlights that “While pedestrian and most vehicular obstructions are transitory in nature, construction sites, by definition, are more enduring and are a greater source of disruption to cyclists.” This is due to the number of obstructions was 1.66 per 10-block range, or about 1 per mile.

The study also shows that cyclists still face an array of obstacles while riding in protected bike lanes which poses a safety hazard to cyclists.

At Ouvos, our focus is to enhance bicycle safety and the riders’ experience while they ride. Whether you’re a commuter, fitness rider, bike messenger or leisure rider and whether you own a bicycle, an e-scooter, an e-bike or you are a bike share subscriber, our ultimate goal is to improve the way we, as cyclists, move around a city. Our mobile App has already a growing community of cyclists sharing data about road conditions, obstructions and hazards on the bike lane and more.

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