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We've teamed up with Bose to bring open-ear audio augmented reality to your rides

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Ditch your headphones and handle bar mounts.

Say Hello to Bose Frames.

Open-ear navigation cues

Our goal at Ouvos is to enhance bicycle safety. While our mobile devices play a major role in how we navigate and experience our rides, looking down at your mobile device or using headphones to listen to navigation cues while riding is a safety hazard. We decided to change that.

With its open-ear concept, Bose Frames allow you to get directions, receive phone calls and more while still being aware of the environment around you while you ride.


Heads up, phone in your pocket

It is now easier than ever to receive hazard alerts, get turn by turn navigation and contribute to the community by making hazard reports. 

No need to make a stop to check your mobile device, or use a handle bar mount to keep an eye on when the next turn is coming up. Using Bose Frames will allow you to enjoy all the great features Ouvos has to offer using gestures and voice commands. 


How it works

Simple voice commands, hazard reporting &

open-ear navigation for riding with peace of mind

1 - Connect your Bose Frames

Bose Frames connect to your phone using Bluetooth. Once connected, you can double-tap the right side of your Frames to report or press the button to accept calls.

2 - Double-tap

To report an obstruction on the bike lane or other hazard, start by double-tapping the right side of your Frames.

3 - Say what you want to report

Now all you have to do is say what you want to report. The app will register the hazard on the map while you keep your eyes on the road. It's that easy!

Bose Frames Alto

Classic angular lenses, available in S/M and M/L

Bose Frames Rondo

Distinct rounded lenses, available in a one-size S/M


Get Started

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*The Bose AR integration is currently only available on iOS. 

Have any questions regarding the Bose AR Integration?

Bose AR is an audio-first approach to augmented reality.

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