The best mobile riding experience, helping you become more aware of poor road conditions, road closures, and hazards ahead.


BEST PART? It's all done in Real-Time. 

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Why Ouvos?

Our mission at Ouvos is to help cyclists be more aware while they ride. Our mobile application allows you and other cyclists to share real-time road conditions and receive hazard alerts. 

At Ouvos our focus is on safety and experience. That is why on top of directing you through the most bicycle friendly routes, we provide audible real-time alerts of hazards ahead.

We believe in the Power of Community 

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Our turn-by-turn navigation provides both an audio and text interface, allowing you to stay up to date before and during a trip. 


Real-Time Hazard Alerts

Real-Time notifications embedded within the App are meant to alert users of impending obstacles and hazards that they may face during their trip.

Track your rides

Discovered a hidden alley on your daily commute and worried you'll never find it again? Broke a new record on your way and have no where to save it? With the new "Track My Ride Feature", you can now cycle down memory lane with Ouvos and leave all the tracking to us.


Earn points every time you report a hazard, interact with existing reports or record your rides and submit safety ratings. Can you get to the top of the leaderboard?

Get Started

It only takes a few minutes to experience a better ride. Download the app now to start riding with Ouvos

Download the Ouvos app on the App Store
Download the Ouvos app on the Google Play Store
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