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Each week we reward our top referrers with a prize. Every Ouvos user is provided a unique referral link that is used to securely track your progress each week. Share your referral link with your friends and audience and we'll keep track of the rest.
- Each week we give out official Ouvos T-shirts to the top referrer. Make sure you keep an eye on the Prize section as we may throw in extra goodies each week.
-At the end of the contest the top 5 referrers will enter a chance to win a Garmin watch ($299 value).

Leaderboard & Referral link

To access the leaderboard and your referral link click or to check your rank. visit join.ouvos.com and click on "I am already on the list, I want to check my place"

When you qualify for a prize, you can expect an automated email with instructions on how to claim your prize.


We value the hard work our users invest to teach, share and promote Ouvos. The Third party website used to generate the referral program on our website has a robust system for detecting and tracking cheaters. Users who refer fake or invalid sign ups are flagged and disqualified from entering each week.


We are currently operating our private Beta in New York city, that is why in order for a user to be eligible to enter the referral program they need to be based out of New York City. Both iOS and Android users are welcome to sign up. 

Any questions? you can contact us at contact@ouvos.com

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