We believe everyone deserves the right to ride safely. 

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Real Time Alerts

Get real time notifications regarding hazards that are on your path; Making it safer for you to navigate.

Hazard Reporting

When you see a hazard on the road you can report it by a single tap on the screen. It's that easy.

Turn By Turn Directions

All data collected is processed to provide you with the safest and most efficient route. 

Our goal is to assist cyclists in being more aware of their surroundings while riding.
We strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to ride safely. Joining Ouvos today will help you and the community share critical information about bike lanes, dangerous intersections and road conditions. 

We are on a mission to make cycling safer.

Ouvos is creating solutions to provide cyclists with a sense of security every time they ride. We are building communities of cyclists to help each other stay safe on the road. 

Dose of Cycling

“I restarted cycling after a prolonged gap between elementary school and early adult years. While on a research fellowship, I was loaned a bicycle by the university to commute on campus. The campus operated like a city with its own zip code. I cycled everywhere, embarking on adventures both inside and outside of campus. I am still dependent on the two wheeler as an efficient mode of transport, mood booster, and an excellent source of exercise. ” 


—  Samina - Brooklyn, NY


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